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Futuro Anteriore – Oilrobots

The Futuro Anteriore exhibition is composed of pictorial and graphic works: canvases, tables, drawings, which celebrate a blend between the pictorial language of nineteenth-century realism, in particular Tuscan Macchiaioli, and elements of the Japanese cartoon imagery, especially the series of 70s and early 80s. (With particular attention to the animated series mecha). 

The name of the exhibition, Future Anteriore, was chosen because it belongs to the childhood, in some cases already reached and passed by our present, however disregarding the expectations of a future imagined and told through the events of characters, heroes and anti-heroes, who contributed to the construction of a collective imagery Who has taken on the role of myth, of a mythical childhood as such, but not only. 

The artistic artifact places fantastic icons on the same plane as real or realistic elements, however spaced in a past far enough to allow the fusion of memory, imagination, dream, sometimes appearing with surreal combinations, sometimes related to characters and actors of a rocky economy, sometimes twilight, sometimes as large unused farm machinery. 

The exposed paintings open up an eternal present of the imagination, unattainable by the changes of time and placed in a waiting atmosphere, made of silence, where the only temporal changes belong only to the atmospheric ones.